Illuminated Algae

Exploring how biological processes can be used to design domestic living textiles, Central Saint Martins College graduate Marin Sawa has created architectural algae textiles. Sawa's project Algaerium celebrates the special characteristics of green and white algae. Sawa has created a new type of bio-power in the form of light from bioluminescent algae.

Algaerium is made up of a modular structure that pumps micro algae through clear flexible tubes. The movement within the system agitates the bioluminescent algae and makes it glow.

Algae is traditionally grown on an industrial scale, but Algaeruim brings this powerful green marvel into the home environment for living light.


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Algaerium Movie | 4 min
By Marin Sawa
grymsdyke farm film
original music
by Matthew Rain
All rights reserved © Marin Sawa