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Playing with the idea of adaptive, morphing, reactive surfaces, this pattern project visualizes the body warmth in humans.
The structural pattern embraces the body as a site, sensing and visualising changes and fluctuations of the body's metabolism through colour changes. The surface can be seen as a flat structure and the printed lines 'knit' the fabric, so that the pattern gives a soft structure to pliable fabric. The pattern acts as a vein, transporting, collecting, and dispersing heat as it touches the surface. The structural patterns are mainly derivatives of grids, and it is the geometry of the pattern or the printed inks that determine the behaviour of how the surface would curl, bend, hang or stretch, maintaining the distinctive polarity of the geometry, somewhere between 3D and 2D. Aside from garments, applications include wearable interface communications for documenting mundane everyday activities (e.g.: sitting, walking, talking and eating). A future application may be that these textiles reveal moments of physicality of living beings.



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